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At Talent Co. Dance & Entertainment you are part of a family. Every student is cared for as if they were our very own. Our mission is to build versatile, well-rounded dancers, while building the self-esteem and confidence of each individual. Years of study & dedication have given us the experience needed to become the professionals we are today. Our objective is to continue building a foundation for our students so they will have the ability to succeed in dance as well as in life.

Whether you are 15 years old and already passionate about dance and performance, 2 years old and excited about pink leotards, Talent Co. has something for you. Our specialised ballet, jazz, acrobatics, hip hop and performance programs offer an exciting curriculum and class choices designed to make dance and performing with Talent Co. a meaningful and happy experience for all, we offer classes ‘just for fun’ or ‘competition & performance’. Your choice!

At Talent Co. we have established a more flexible approach to the development of technique and a more varied curriculum allowing students to experience the beauty of classical ballet in all its forms, a more ‘up-to-date’ style of jazz and a faster paced and more dynamic tap syllabus.

Under the direction of Bianca Chater, the teachers at Talent Co. have extensive training and experience in teaching children. They are sensitive to the needs of the individual child and are able to communicate with them on their own level.

It is our aim to create an environment for all our students that will encourage and reward effort and achievement. It is important to us to create a less internally competitive environment with students rewarded for their personal achievements and artistry. The focus remains firmly on making dance education fun and enjoyable in a supportive environment designed to enhance self esteem. (we also keep things hassle free for mum!) Dance classes will offer a chance for children to make new friends and learn social skills, we encourage this by having many special events such as studio sleep overs and discos.

Talent Co. has earned an outstanding reputation for excellence, awarded the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Best Dance School Performance shield, 2012 HSBC Business of the Year and has been recognized at various competitions and eisteddfods as having some of WA’s top future dancers.

Annual concerts are held end of January, after the craziness of Christmas and end of year! These are a wonderful way for students to display their year's efforts, and for families and friends to appreciate and encourage their development. Other performances throughout the year include events such as Telethon, the Channel 7 Christmas Pageant, local fairs, festivals and eisteddfods. These are another opportunity for students to gain performance experience, whilst contributing to the local community. All performances are optional.

We always look forward to new students joining our ‘dance family’, and as soon as you walk through the doors you will be greeted with a smile and an outstretched hand ready to help and guide you into the wonderful world of dance.

See our performance at the 2012 Australian Dance Festival in Sydney! Talent Co. ADF 2012

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Customer Testimonials

My daughter has been with Talent Co for 5 years. I took her dancing because she was such a shy timid 5 yr old and I wanted her to become more confident with herself. She has blossomed more than I could have ever dreamed at Talent Co. The caring and nurturing environment has not only helped my child become more confident, she now far surpasses my expectations when she steps on stage at many a competition doing solos. Without Talent Co and her loving encouraging teachers who have instilled such a passion for dance, I'm certain my daughter would have still been so shy to this day. SO A BIG THANKYOU TALENT CO :-)

Dawn – Tapping

My daughter Cassandra (3yrs and 11 months) has been really wanting to ballet for quite some time. I took her to a place closer to home, but it felt rigid, strict and not warm and friendly at all. Cassandra refused to go back after the first lesson and frankly I was glad. Talent Co. offers little girls the opportunity to be just that - little girls, whilst at the same time learning the movements involved in ballet. It has a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and we are always greeted by Miss Bianca's lovely smiling face. Cassandra adores going and is quite happy to go into the studio without me (it usually takes her a while to warm up to other people) which is wonderful. The classes are affordable and I feel relaxed taking my child there and love that my daughter is excited about going as well. Well done Talent Co. I would happily recommend you (and have) to anyone that asked me.

Larissa – Noranda

Thanks so much for an amazing concert and for such a fantastic intro to dance for Danielle. She is so proud and excited that she was awarded the encouragement award. Her first dance trophies from Talent Co will be so treasured by her. For Lachlan well he has just loved every moment. He hasn't once not wanted to be involved in every event we have gone to even when really tired. He also is very proud of his trophies mostly his most outstanding. He was so proud when he got home to show his dad. We love WA and all that we have experienced whilst here. It will be very sad for us to leave in Dec this year. Like you family is very important and Qld is where all our family are so our time here was always going to be temporary. The special memories we will take from your amazing Talent Co team will be so special for us to have for ever. So thank you thank you thank you and we look forward to the year ahead.

Michelle - Mullaloo

Since joining Talent Co Dance & Entertainment I have had the chance to experience how an amazing business should be and is run. After being with another organisation for over 10 years it was refreshing to join Bianca who is extremely well organised, very approachable and friendly to deal with. Her staff are reliable and all, including Bianca, are the most amazing role models for my two daughters. I look forward to being part of such a successful organisation for many years to come and my children continuing to learn both valuable dance experience but also life experience from the wonderful staff at Talent Co.

Faye – Mirrabooka

Talent Co forms what would be best described as a dynamic business that has been creating tomorrow’s talent today. Talent Co’s reputation precedes itself in and around Perth as well as over in the Eastern States. TC has been a family operated business for over 15 years. It’s Principal, Mrs Bianca Chater is the heart and soul of Talent Co. She plays an integral part of all facets of the business. “Miss B” as she is affectionately known by all, is a vibrant, self motivated and genuinely caring person. Nothing is ever too much trouble. She is the best ever role model for my own daughter of 10 yrs. Talent Co offers a varied spectrum of performing to all ages, to the professional performer or to the dancer that just wants to have fun......Talent Co’s “life’s blood” is it’s tremendous professional team of qualified teachers. The secret to Talent Co’s success is family. Each and every student is treated like a family member......Am I’m so pleased and proud to be apart of Talent Co’s.....

Rose - Averley

Talent Co has been a wonderful business that has truly developed my daughter's confidence and skills in performing. The opportunities given to the students is outstanding. My daughter started as a once a week recreational dancer and after 2 years progressed to a competition troupe. Her acrobatic skills in one year have developed more than the 3 years in gymnastics. This business is run so professionally yet the dancers are treated like family. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Samantha – Mirrabooka

My daughters have been dancing at Talent Co for the last 6 years after having moved from 2 other dance schools. We cannot be happier at Talent Co! The Staff and Dance Teachers are amazing and I have watched both my daughters blossom under the fantastic tuition they have received. I take my hat off to Miss Bianca for the wonderful job she’s has done in building this school up over the years to the beautifully run and successful school that it is.

Helen – Edgewater

Our Daughter has been dancing at Talent Co Dance and Entertainment for approximately 12 years. Bianca is a wonderful teacher, dancer, choreographer, role model and business woman and has always encouraged her students to smile and have fun. The teachers at Talent Co are extremely talented and gifted young ladies and I am sure they are as happy as our daughter is to be dancing in a magnificent state of the art dance studio. Talent Company Dance and Entertainment has come a long way since we enrolled our 5 year old daughter into dance classes at the local church in 2000. She is now dancing in a magnificent studio under the guidance of such a sincere and talented business woman. I would encourage anyone who's child would like to dance to come down to Talent Co and have a look for yourself.

Kay – Beldon

Talent Co has been a second family for my 3 girls and I for the past 15 years. Bianca has been a wonderful role model and the greatest person I have ever come across in my life, she is not only a selfless giver but also a wonderful mentor to all her students. She is a highly creative, energetic, devoted person and offers a high standard of instruction, support and encouragement. She is loved and respected by all of her community. Bianca has devoted her entire life in the dancing school always enlightening her students. Her teachers and student teachers are also amazing, all so positive and displaying their own passion through their dance, always guiding and inspiring the children and encouraging them where needed. Bianca needs to be commended for all her hard work, she loves to display her dance schools to the community in all the different festivals in the area which includes Telethon, the Christmas Pageant, Joondalup festival, Little Feet Festival, Wanneroo Show, Aged Care Homes and many, many more. I am very proud to say my girls dance at Talent Co and look forward to many more happy years of dancing.

Janette – Duncraig

My daughter and I came to Talent Co. four years ago after speaking to others in the industry. We wanted a quality dance school that offered a friendly and happy atmosphere. We got that and so much more. I have seen my daughter’s confidence grow over the years and how much she loves being at the studio. This is truly a reflection of the friendship and support she receives from Bianca and her teachers.
Bianca is continually looking for opportunities for the dancers to showcase their work and runs workshops by interstate dance professionals to expand their knowledge of dance. Any opportunities that arise are offered to the students – I never know who is more excited – Bianca or the students.
What makes her dance school so wonderful is that she is so organised and plans events well in advanced. Parents are advised at the start of the year of any planned events which makes our life easier. Also this gives the students so much to look forward to and appreciation to what they are working towards.
Bianca’s dedication to her students is seen everyday. Whether she is teaching dance, mentoring students or being a second mum – she always ensures that the student’s best interests are put first.
The commitment she receives from her teachers and students is outstanding. This is of course a reflection of the positive relationships she has adopted, her professionalism and her infectious passion to the industry.
I have seen Bianca’s business grow over the time my daughter has danced with her and it does not surprise me the least. She is one of the most hard-working people I know who is committed one hundred percent to her students. She is very approachable, appreciates feed-back and is always talking to her students and parents to see what they would like the school to include/explore.
She is highly respected by all who surround her – this includes teachers, students, parents and others in the dance industry. I take great pleasure in saying I am a Talent Co. mum.

Suzanne – Edgewater

I have known Bianca since the year 2000, when my oldest daughter Kate (then 5 years old) started dancing. At that time, the studio was a room in a church hall, with few students and few teachers. In 2006 my youngest daughter Laura (now 9) joined the Talent Co team to follow in the footsteps of her older sister. Talent Co, under the watchful eye of Bianca has grown, as many new students have enrolled, and a move to larger premises earlier this year was necessary, to accommodate the growing numbers. Even though larger today, Talent co has managed to retain the wonderful family environment that was apparent in the early days, which I believe is missing within some other studios . More students has meant the number of teachers has also grown ,these teachers have been involved in the dance world for many years, and are talented individuals who are committed to what they do, and are great role models to the younger girls. I have recommended Talent Co to many friends and recently my nieces 2 year old daughter has started dancing. I hope Talent Co continues for many years to come so many more families can experience what my family has over the past 12 years.

Julie - Mullaloo

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